• Question: how old where you when you ha the thought of becoming a healthcare person

    Asked by Jake.r2712 to Riverside Surgery, Kerry - HCA, Hampton Surgery, Tarik - Dentist, East Sussex CITS, CLICK Federation, Amelia - GP on 22 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Hampton Surgery

      Hampton Surgery answered on 22 Jan 2019:

      I was 17. I wanted to be a teacher before that. I ve never looked back though. I loved it from the first day at nursing school. It gives me an identity. I m part of a group of professionals all striving for the smea purpose. Kirsty

    • Photo: Amelia Randle

      Amelia Randle answered on 22 Jan 2019:

      I first started saying I wanted to be a Doctor one day when I was about 4. I didn’t really know what it was about at that age but I got such a positive response I carried on saying it. When it was time to apply I was going through a rebellious phase and I was tempted to do something completely different. Mostly to annoy my Mum I think.

      I did apply for medicine in the end but got rejections from all 5 universities. This prompted me to pull my socks up and I did better than expected in my A ‘levels so I could go through university clearing to get a place.

      I’m very pleased that I got there in the end as have loved it ever since.