• Question: what toothpaste do you recommend? (not joking)

    Asked by Lois to Tarik - Dentist on 9 Feb 2019.
    • Photo: Tarik Shembesh

      Tarik Shembesh answered on 9 Feb 2019:

      The most important thing when cleaning teeth is the action of the brush and using the correct technique , google : the modified bass technique . Essentially you want to brush the gums and all surfaces of the teeth

      Also tome spent brushing 2 min minimum
      Most crucial is to using brushes to go in between teeth like INTERDENTAL BRUSHES or if very tight in between FLOSS. As normal brushing does not clean in between

      Lastly is the toothpaste most of them are the same . The only ingredient you need is fluoride usual amount is 1450PPM

      so as long as it had that then the toothpaste is good then comes the prices and taste and I leave that for you to decide

      For sensitive teeth we recommend ( repair and protect or sendodyne

      The rest igonre any whitening or other marketing gimmicks as nothing else is proven

      Don’t forget after brushing never rinse with water just spit this way the fluoride in toothpaste can repair your teeth and stop decay