• Question: when you leave school ( year 11 ) how long will i take to qualify as a full time nurse

    Asked by Talullah to Kerry - HCA on 21 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Kerry Haworth

      Kerry Haworth answered on 21 Jan 2019:

      Great question!

      If you go straight to college from high school studying on a two year course and then achieve grades C or above at A Level, or study a Btech course achieving grades, DMM for example.

      You could then apply to university to study a three year degree Bsc hons Nursing

      The whole process could take five years, if achieving the grades first time. But do not be defeated if you need to re sit, this should only make you even more determined.

      Visit UCAS website to learn about points and requirements for university or discuss with careers advice at school, each education establishment requires different grades for admission etc.