• Question: why did you choose to have this job?

    Asked by jem1234 to Riverside Surgery, Kerry - HCA, Hampton Surgery, Tarik - Dentist, East Sussex CITS, CLICK Federation, Amelia - GP on 30 Jan 2019. This question was also asked by _foggy.A_.
    • Photo: Hampton Surgery

      Hampton Surgery answered on 30 Jan 2019:

      My job suits me well and I get a lot of enjoyement from what I do.
      I really liked the idea of driving around on blue lights to emergency calls (which I do enjoy alot) and I liked the idea of going to see people that are in need of emergency help.
      I have always been interested in the medical field and human biology which helped a great deal.
      I worked in a doctors surgery as a receptionist / admin assistant which was the main reason I chose a medical career as i really enjoyed my time in that job.
      There are also other perks such as being paid to train (not all courses do this) and it pays well for my age group (20-30years old)